A Return to Writing

It has been a while since I've written. A combination of other projects, some traveling (New York! Ottawa! Colorado!), and simple distraction have gotten in the way. Plenty of ideas for posts come and go, but recently I've found it easier to post on the fly to Instagram or Twitter, and I haven't been super motivated to sit down and write. I suppose that's what social media platforms are designed to be: easy (or easier) to engage with. Perhaps I'm also a little burned out after finishing my first scholarly publication, which I'll write about soon, and applying to graduate programs—phew! Luckily, though, things are looking a little more manageable until September.

For the remainder of the summer I'm making a concerted effort to return to writing regularly, particularly on this blog. Towards that end, here are two things I'd like to focus on in my writing process:

  • I want to get more comfortable with a blank page. The greatest obstacle to getting any kind of work done, I often find, is sitting down (or getting up) and beginning. I tend to lean towards perfectionism, and if I'm afraid something won't come out the way I dream it could (this happens often), I sometimes may not even start. I'd like to work more on pushing past this in my writing, and accepting that the first, second, and nth drafts will never be perfect.
  • I want to share my work-in-progress knowledge. Recently I've been diving into more technical realms than ever before. Beyond basic web development, which I've been comfortable with for a while, I've been playing around with Linux, making messes in the Unix command line, reading about cryptography, and continuing to learn foundational Python. I have no formal training in any of these topics whatsoever, but I've found the challenge very rewarding. My learning process for each of these topics involves lots of trial and error coupled with rampant and occasionally desperate Google searches, and time and again I've found the obscure answer to my question on someone's personal blog or buried in a forum conversation. I'd like to document my learning here on this blog, both to reinforce the progress I make and to pay forward some of the lessons I've learned. Maybe one day I'll be less of a clueless newb and more of a Deckard Cain, and my hope is that documenting the troubles I encounter will help others on their Diablo-slaying journeys.

Wish me luck! I have a laundry list of posts I plan to finish before my trip to the West Coast at the end of the month. Looking forward to (re)starting my writing habit!