Multiplicities: On Being Many Things Online

A hot topic of online debate recently has been the push for ‘persistent identity’ on the Internet. Persistent identity, in a nutshell, is an online model »

FBI Asks Apple to Unlock iPhone, Apple Says No Way, Jose!

Source Apple garnered widespread Internet applause this week for refusing to build a backdoor into its iOS operating system when requested to do so by the »

Canadian Company Netsweeper Closes $1.2 million Deal to Filter Bahrain’s Internet

Bahraini Protesters. // Source On January 7th, Bahrain closed a deal with Canadian web filtering company Netsweeper, Inc., to purchase a “National Website Filtering Solution” for $1, »

Encrypted Communication App Telegram Shuts Down ISIS Accounts

In the wake of the November 13th Paris terrorist attacks, Telegram shut down 78 public channels being used to share ISIS-related content through its platform amid »

Safe Harbor and NSA Data Collection Come Under Fire from European Court

Seat of the European Court of Justice, Luxembourg. // Source Since 1998, the secure transfer of data between Europe and the United States has been ensured by »